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Mar 30, 2022

DocuFlow - Integrate DocuSign digital permit signing right into Prospero

See the DocuFlow product page for more details

If your organization is struggling with the exorbitant amount of time required to manage the endless back-and-forth email/phone dialog with permit applicants to get their permits signed, including all the manual tracking involved and possibilities for errors, DocuFlow will get you your sanity back!

Staff will love this - initiating a permit signature request is as simple as setting one task status in the Prospero folder - you do not even have to leave Tempest! DocuFlow integrates with DocuSign to completely automate permit signing, simply set a task status in the Prospero folder to start, and DocuFlow and DocuSign manage the rest of the process behind the scenes to end up with a signed permit PDF attached to the folder. One click! Can you imagine the bottleneck this removes?

Watch a super-short demo here

Need a more details?
Watch an 11 min demo to do a deeper dive.

Apr 15, 2021

DocuPro - your all-in-one Application portal

See the DocuPro product page for more details

With COVID concerns and restrictions at all application-intake centres, DocuPro can completely revolutionize your COVID staff exposure strategy.

You can use DocuPro to accept Applications for any department you wish - Building Permits (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc, Tree-Cutting), Business Licences, Dog Licences, Finance (Tax / Utility Pre Authorized Withdrawals, Water / Sewer Leak Adjustments, Mailing Address Change, Power of Attorney, Special Meter Read), Human Resources (job applications, etc), and on and on. Basically any department that has any forms or applications that need to be filled out by the public can be handled by DocuPro.

Watch a super-short demo on an iPhone to get a quick look.

Need a more details?
Watch an 11 min demo to do a deeper dive.

NEW DocuPro automatically handles Application Fees
Watch here to see how DocuPro automatically handles Application Fees.

NEW DocuPro lets you make files available for download
Watch here to see how DocuPro allows you to provide documents back to Applicants for download.

Dec 21, 2020

FieldBlade 80003 with Calls - now you can create Calls in the field!

Mpowered is extremely pleased to release the lastest version of FieldBlade, version 80003. This is our most extensive upgrade to FieldBlade, requiring just over a year to produce. We want everyone to see the results of one of the bigger projects that has been keeping us busy during the pandemic... so, in celebration mode, ALL blades are FREE until midnight, March 27, 2021! We are so excited about the new Calls blade and all the upgrades to other blades in 80003, that we wanted to share the excitement during these trying times. #TogetherWeCanDoIt

(If, for any reason you DO NOT WISH to have the free blades made available, enter the key <add key="stopfree20201221" value="Y" /> under <appSettings> on your Internal web server's Web.config file. Adding this key will revert the system to use only your licenced blades.)

After midnight, March 30, 2021, your previously licensed blades will resume - unless, of course, you want to add any blades in the mean time. You will find the features and pricing on the FieldBlade product page. FieldCall users should review the red note at the top of the FieldCall product page, as it contains some important news.

Nov 25, 2019

Prospero Task Auto-Rescheduler

Are you tired of manually adding Inspection followup tasks, and then having to manually figure out when they should be scheduled, and then manually rescheduling them? Have you lost track of the hundreds of permits that have gone radio silent, with no request for an inspection in months?

If so, then Mpowered's Task Auto-Rescheduler is for you. Check out our full product description and you can see just how effortless it is - in this demo video.

Oct 21, 2019

FieldTicket: iOS native app is here!


The wait is over, FieldTicket iOS is now here. A new native iOS app (available on the Apple App Store) runs the webapp code (included in the FieldTicket Web Services download on the Downloads page) now instead of running within Safari or Chrome. Having a native iOS app allowed us to make several user-experience improvements which were a pain when running under Safari or Chrome: after printing, MobiPrint will now return directly to the FieldTicket app - previously, the webapp running in Safari or Chrome could not do this. And the annoying list-scrolling "bounce and reload page" effect when running the webapp in Safari or Chrome has been eliminated.

These two improvements make using the app so much more intuitive and robust. We wanted the experience of printing a ticket to be as rock solid as it is on Android, and we think we've accomplished that now with this release - FieldTicket 80003. Both the iOS and Andoid apps use virtually the same underlying webapp code, so you can be assured that the code is street-tested.

To begin using the iOS version of FieldTicket, start by downloading the new Setup and User Guide: PDF, and refer to the all-new iOS instructions on pages 58-60 and 66.

Nov 22, 2018

FieldPro: Completed date for deficiencies gets an overhaul

In Update 8.0.15, Tempest has made a significant change to the way deficiency completed dates are handled. Prior to 8.0.15, the completed date shown for a deficiency was the task's actual end date. This became very confusing when the task's actual end date was not the same as the deficiency's completed date. As of Tempest update 8.0.15, Tempest has decoupled the deficiency completed date from the task actual end date, so that the completed date of the deficiency is recorded separately. Mpowered will be releasing equivalent changes in FieldPro 80003 to match the new functionality in 8.0.15.

IMPORTANT: FieldPro customers MUST NOT install the Tempest 8.0.15 update into Production until you have tested and upgraded to FieldPro 80003. (FieldPro 80003 will be released by end-of-day Dec 10, 2018.) Previous versions of FieldPro (FP80000, FP80001 and FP80002) do not support these changes, and will not be upgraded to support it. Once it is released, customers can upgrade to FieldPro 80003 anytime before updating to Tempest 8.0.15 as FieldPro 80003 is backwards compatible all the way back to 8.0.0. As a bonus to upgrading, FieldPro 80003 includes several additional advances that customers will love, such as the ability to "stamp" deficiency text with various identifiers including the date/time, user and task - making it much easier to recognize who did what when.

SIDE NOTE: The process for this Update is necessary because this change affects the base structure of the deficiency data records. Structural changes by Tempest occur very rarely and affect Mpowered apps even more rarely; but when it does, this kind of upgrade process is required. In the T7 days, these structural changes were usually aligned with annual Tempest releases, and so customers were not affected in the way this T8 update must be handled.

Apr 1, 2018

.NET web services and iOS webapp roll out complete

FieldPro, FieldTicket and FieldCall .NET web services and iOS webapp roll out is now complete. You can now choose to run these apps in any of four different combinations:

  • Android/ColdFusion
  • Android/.NET
  • iOS/ColdFusion
  • iOS/.NET
Each part in those combinations is hot-swappable without any configuration changes. (.NET does require web server changes, but those changes should have been implemented when you upgraded to T8.) For example, if you are currently running Android/ColdFusion, you could migrate your web services to .NET without changing any configuration and end up running Android/.NET. What if you have some users that want to run iOS/.NET at the same time as others are running Android/.NET? No problem. The iOS version uses exactly the same codebase and runs identically to the Android version.

Dec 17, 2017

.net web services start to roll out

Today marks the release of our second product with .net web services bundled in. Last week, we released FieldTicket 80001, and this week we have released FieldPro 80002.

The .net web products represent well over 30,000 lines of hand-converted new code, but what's more impressive is the lengths we've gone to in making the .net web services work identically to the ColdFusion web services. We built an entire repertoire of test suites and additional code to help ensure that the two products function identically. Several customers have graciously allowed us to test the .net code in actual production environments, and we are confident that (apart from a different setup process), you will not notice anything different. From the beginning of the .net project here at Mpowered, we knew that we needed an overlapping period where both ColdFusion and .net are available as customers transition to .net. Eventually, the .net web services will take the lead, and then we sadly will begin to dismantle and decomission the ColdFusion code that has done such a good job for such a long time.

Sep 9, 2017

Welcome to the new Mpowered web site

Ok, admittedly, for a mobile app company, it took us a while to get on the responsive web site bandwagon, but now that we're here, we're all in!

The Mpowered web site has been completely re-designed to allow you to browse on any width of screen - anything from a phone to a tablet to your desktop. You'll find everything here that you had before, just that you can actually use the web site from your phone now too. Now that's handy.

November 30, 2016

New apps in Downloads - fully integrated to T8

Mpowered has released all-new apps designed to work seamlessly and hand-in-hand with the new T8, Tempest's most ambitious upgrade to date. Visit the Downloads page for more details.

And coming Fall 2017 - all Web Services will be available in .NET in addition to the existing ColdFusion Web Services. ColdFusion is the old standby, and will continue to be supported and upgraded for at least the next few releases, while .NET will become the new standard for Mpowered Web Services running on the back office servers. The .NET Web Services for all apps have been created to be 100% compatible with the ColdFusion Web Services, and will simply drop into place when you are ready to switch. Email us at for more information.