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DocuFlow - Integrate DocuSign digital permit signing right into Prospero

If your organization is struggling with the exorbitant amount of time required to manage the endless back-and-forth email/phone dialog with permit applicants to get their permits signed, including all the manual tracking involved and possibilities for errors, DocuFlow will get you your sanity back!

Staff will love that initiating permit signature requests are as simple as setting one task status in the Prospero folder - they do not even have to leave Tempest! DocuFlow integrates with DocuSign to completely automate permit signing, simply set a task status in the Prospero folder to start, and DocuFlow and DocuSign manage the rest of the process behind the scenes to end up with a signed permit PDF attached to the folder. One click! Can you imagine the bottleneck this removes? To initiate with one click and not ever have to do anything after that to manage the permit signature process is the Prospero external referral dream.

Of course, if you are using Mpowered's DocuPro eApply system, DocuFlow integrates seamlessly to automatically make the signed permit available for download within DocuPro. Best of all, it all happens behind the scenes - automagically!

DocuFlow allows complete and easy customization. If you've watched the demos and your business process is different, we are sure that DocuFlow can be customized easily to your requirements. For example... signature location, signed date location, and font sizes/styles. Everything you can imagine is a customizable setting, giving you complete flexibility.

DocuFlow updates the folder task to your custom statuses as the permit document on DocuSign goes from Sent to Completed status. DocuSign sends messages back to DocuFlow when the document has been sent to signer, when the signer has finished signing, and even when the signer declines to sign or the signature request expires. DocuFlow updates the task status appropriately and in real-time.

When the permit document signing process is completed on DocuSign, DocuFlow sets the task status to the status you choose AND automatically downloads a copy of the signed permit to the folder. With DocuFlow always ready in the background, you can stop the back-and-forth emails from individuals in your organization and centralize everything through Prospero. Not only that, because the task status is updated in real-time in Prospero, everyone in the organization can know the status of the permit document by looking at the folder task status instead of filtering through emails that might be in many inboxes across the organization. And because the task status is constantly updated by DocuFlow/DocuSign, Prospero IntelliSearch queries can easily created, for example, to determine which permits have been signed and are ready to move on to the next step.

DocuFlow automatically performs any of your configured task status functions as status updates are received in real-time from DocuSign. For example, if the Declined status is received from DocuSign (indicating the permit document signing was Declined in DocuSign), an automated email can be sent to the Folder Manager to let them know so they can follow up.

DocuFlow automatically adds folder Events as the DocuSign process proceeds so you know exactly when each step occurred.

Book a demo today with Mpowered to dive into DocuFlow, and ask any questions you need to have answered. Email or call 604-897-7112 today!

  • DocuFlow: $15,000 (one time)
  • DocuFlow annual maintenance: 20% of the one-time cost (annually)
  • DocuFlow turnkey installation (includes product installation with your IT team, and a 3 hour training session with your Prospero SuperUser on how to configure Prospero tasks to use the new DocuSign functionality): $1,250
  • Available further consulting to get DocuFlow and your Prospero configuration to work together like a dream

  • We are very proud to have these DocuFlow users:
  • The District of West Vancouver

  • If you already have Mpowered or Tempest web products installed, you already have the necessary infrastructure in place to host DocuFlow.
  • DocuFlow is completely customizeable using an in-house task function, envelope template and Web.config file located on your Internal server. All configuration on the Internal server is completely shielded from tampering by virtue of it being inside your firewall.
  • DocuFlow leverages your folder configuration in Tempest - things like the folder manager, expiry dates, access codes length, task types and email configuration.
  • DocuFlow leverages the robust security system implemented by DocuSign, including industry RSA signature binding.
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest Prospero.
  • Data is transferred directly from and to Tempest using secure web services.
  • Works with SQL Server back-end databases only.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how DocuFlow will make you

Watch this video to get more details