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DocuPro - a simplified, cost-effective Application portal for all your needs

NEW DocuPro can automatically handle Application Fees for those Applications requiring up-front non-refundable payment. The configuration is minimal and easy to apply to only those application types that need it. See the video on the left sidebar to see it in action.

NEW DocuPro allows you to make any document available back to the Applicant for download. This means you can get Permits, Fee Slips, marked up plans, and any other document back to the Applicant. Downloads can be VERY large, tested with files as large as 2GB! See the video on the left sidebar to see it in action.

DocuPro can be installed and running at your site in one day with unlimited Application types for one cost. And we'll teach you how to extend to as many Application types as you want, so you don't have to wait weeks or months for an implementation to finish when you want to add to your suite.

You can use DocuPro to accept Applications for any department you wish - Building Permits (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc, Tree-Cutting), Business Licences, Dog Licences, Finance (Tax / Utility Pre Authorized Withdrawals, Water / Sewer Leak Adjustments, Mailing Address Change, Power of Attorney, Special Meter Read), Human Resources (job applications, etc), and on and on. Basically any department that has any forms or applications that need to be filled out by the public can be handled by DocuPro.

DocuPro can completely revolutionize your COVID staff exposure strategy.

Uses the industry-standard email confirmation loop to prevent "frivolous" Applications. This means you don't need to collect fees up-front to alleviate web-site tampering.

Supporting documents uploaded can be small or HUGE - multi-gigabyte, in fact - for those really large PDFS that you want builders want to submit. Revisions of the same upload document (with the same name) are sequenced - up to 99 revisions can be uploaded with the same name.

Let's you STOP using email to communicate back and forth with applicants to submit documents and revisions. Email attachments have size limitations, and they are extremely vulnerable to viruses. You can leverage your powerful virus-scanning tools to quarantine or remove anything that looks suspicious.

DocuPro optionally allows document upload to existing non DocuPro-created folders (with an access code).

Attachments added internally using Prospero do not display in DocuPro. This allows you to expose non DocuPro-created folders in DocuPro for additional document uploads without revealing internal document names and descriptions.

All property and contact information is stored in Tempest-standard format. New DocuPro Applications add the PROSPERO - CHECK NAME ENTERED ON WEB activity if the name entered in the Application is new to your address book, so your Land Records Coordinator can keep the address book clean.

Optionally, folder tasks can be created and emails generated when new documents are uploaded. Optionally, folder status can be used to control whether these folder tasks are created.

You can link as many different Application types as you want to a single Prospero folder type - for example, an APP folder type - which can be useful if a department has many Application types, but you don't want to create another folder type for each of them. Alternatively, each Application type can correspond to its own Prospero folder type.

Book a demo today with Mpowered to discuss each feature in detail, and ask any questions you need to have answered. Email or call 604-897-7112 today!

  • DocuPro: $45,000 (one time) Mpowered will price-match any of our competitor's quotes offering a similar product to DocuPro that is integrated to Tempest. Contact us to get the best product at the best price!
  • DocuPro annual maintenance: 20% of the one-time cost (annually)
  • DocuPro turnkey installation (includes product installation, and a 3 hour training session on making config file changes so you can add more Application types): $1,250
  • Available further consulting to get DocuPro and your Prospero configuration to work together like a dream

  • If you already have Mpowered or Tempest web products installed, you already have the necessary infrastructure in place to host DocuPro.
  • 99% of the look and feel of DocuPro is completely customizeable using a Web.config file located on your Internal server, and a custom css file located on the external server. All configuration on the Internal server is completely shielded from tampering by virtue of it being inside your firewall. The DocuPro web services and client assets run fast - all Javascript resources are loaded once, and each page re-uses the same Javascript file for blazing-fast speed and responsiveness.
  • Includes a Web.config file "checker" which makes sure that your configuration is accurate, and that the Prospero setup is optimal for DocuPro.
  • All information entered is instantly available in Tempest as soon as the Application and/or Upload is completed.
  • DocuPro runs on all modern webkit-enabled browsers - desktop or mobile - for example Safari desktop and mobile, Chrome for iOS and MacOS and Android and Windows, Edge for Windows.
  • DocuPro leverages your folder configuration in Tempest - things like the folder manager, expiry dates, access codes length, task types and email configuration.
  • Complete Internet data transfer security features built into every transaction sent/received.
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest Prospero.
  • Data is transferred directly from and to Tempest using secure web services.
  • Works with SQL Server back-end databases only.

Watch here to see how DocuPro automatically handles Application Fees.

Watch here to see how DocuPro allows you to provide documents back to Applicants for download.

Watch a super-short demo on an iPhone to get a quick look.

Need a more details?
Watch an 11 min demo to do a deeper dive.