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FieldBlade - access key information in Land, Licensing, Dogs, Prospero and Calls

Use your mobile device to access Tempest information.

FieldBlade is the ultimate tool for Bylaw Officers, Police, Parks Crews, Works Crews - or anyone that needs to have access to key Land, Licensing, Dogs, Prospero and/or Calls information in their hands while on the go!

FieldBlade is designed and customized for smaller screen sizes, still providing you with all the information that is available from each Tempest module. Each "blade" in FieldBlade corresponds to a Tempest module, and you can mix and match blades as you need.

Runs on:

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FieldBlade is site licenced, based on the same small/medium/large (# of properties) model Tempest uses. A 20% (of licence fees) maintenance fee applies annually. CallsPlus (for adding new Calls) can be licensed on a per user basis. Licence fees:

BladePer UserSmallMediumLarge
Land (required)$3,000$5,000$7,000
CallsPlus (allows creating Calls)
(requires the Calls blade)

  • Complete mobile data viewing app integrated to Tempest Land, Tempest Licensing, Tempest Dogs, Tempest Prospero and Tempest Calls.
  • Works with any device with an Internet browser - iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, and more!
  • Use the same version of FieldBlade with any wireless device in your organization - no loading different versions for different devices
  • You can even use FieldBlade on a laptop in the field - connect your laptop to your mobile device's wifi hotspot, and you are set.
  • A pure browser app, so there is nothing to download and install onto your mobile device. Just point to your FieldBlade url and browse Tempest data!
  • Make/take phone calls at any time while using FieldBlade
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest
  • Complete Internet data transfer security features built into every transaction sent over the Web
  • No middle-ware involved. Data is transferred directly from Tempest to the handheld and back using secure web services
  • Works with either Oracle or SQL Server back-end databases
  • Please contact us about the availability of other Blades: Engineering Services, Ticketing, Tax/Assessments and Utilities.

Land/Base Blade capabilities: Search by: property address; Display of: Property legal description, Land Owners, Land Comments, Land Attributes, Alias Parents/Children.

Licensing Blade capabilities: Search by: Licensing Trade/Licencee Name; Display of: All Licence details including O/S Balance, Contacts, Comments, Attributes and Workflow.

Dogs Blade capabilities: Search by Dog Tag Number (Old & Current); Display of: All Dog details including O/S Balance, Owners (can be masked with security), all Dogs on the account and their info.

Prospero Blade capabilities: Search by: Prospero Folder Number, Folders with task(s) sched for today; Display of: Prospero folder details including all Main tab information, Contacts, Attributes, Setbacks, Values, Charges, Tasks, Outstanding Deficiencies, Conditions, Events, view/download Attachments, and Comments.

Calls Blade capabilities: CREATE new Calls; Search by: ANY Calls field (omnisearch), built-in preset searches for My Outstanding, Created in the last 2 weeks, Active but not ASSIGNED, BF Working List; Display of: Call details including all Main tab information, Workflow, Workflow Reader View, Add workflow including pics, view/download Attachments.