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FieldCall - review, update and complete complaints on the go

Please Note: Mpowered will be phasing out FieldCall with the release of FieldBlade 80003. Of course, FieldCall will continue to function for the foreseeable future. Only emergency fixes are planned for FieldCall, as all functionality has been moved into FieldBlade and will continue to be maintained and improved there. If you are a FieldCall customer, and have not yet received an email from Mpowered with the transition details (there is no cost), please contact us.

Use your iOS or Android device (tablet or phone) to add workflow and complete complaints.

FieldCall makes generating and printing work orders and re-entering field notes and results a thing of the past!

"Always available" access to your Calls data keeps your field crew and office staff always up-to-date. FieldCall allows you to add any workflow (Note, Correspondence, Notification, Completion and Cancellation) instantly in the field.

Runs on:

Download FieldCall and trial it for free for 10 days

  • FieldCall: CAD$495 (per user)
  • FieldCall maintenance (yearly): CAD$99 (per user)
  • Full installation and setup services available.
  • Consulting on "best practices" for FieldCall available.

  • Complete mobile complaint management system integrated to Tempest Calls.
  • Information is transferred to Tempest immediately. No re-keying of data.
  • All background setup is done in Tempest - FieldCall uses your existing configuration with no changes.
  • Downloads all Calls for the specified user (same calls as you would get with the My Outstanding Calls query)
  • Allows full remote entry of Note, Correspondence, Notification, Completion and Cancellation workflow
  • Full details and historical workflow for each Call is available on the handheld
  • Make/take phone calls at any time while using FieldCall
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest Calls
  • Complete Internet data transfer security features built into every transaction sent over the Web
  • No middle-ware involved. Data is transferred directly from Tempest to the handheld and back using secure web services
  • Works with either Oracle or SQL Server back-end databases