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FieldPro - complete mobile building inspection management and notice printing

Use your iOS or Android device (tablet or phone) to display Inspections assigned to your area(s), and quickly and easily complete the checklist items, deficiencies (new or brought-forward) and Inspection status.

Easily and quickly print an Inspection Notice for the builder using a Zebra Bluetooth wireless printer.

All information entered is instantly updated and available in Tempest after each save.

Runs on:

Download FieldPro and trial it for free for 10 days

  • FieldPro: CAD$2,995 (per user)
  • FieldPro maintenance (yearly): CAD$600 (per user)
  • Full installation and setup services available.
  • Consulting on Prospero "best practices" for FieldPro available.

  • Complete mobile building inspection management system integrated to Tempest Prospero. Schedule, perform, and report any inspection.
  • Record inspection results (checklists and deficiencies) and print Notices - all done wirelessly.
  • Information is transferred to Tempest immediately. No re-keying of data.
  • All background folder setup is done in Tempest - FieldPro uses your existing setup with no changes.
  • All checklist items are available for each inspection type.
  • Checklist rejections automatically create deficiencies.
  • All default deficiency items are available for each inspection type.
  • Prior, uncompleted deficiencies for a folder are automatically brought forward for review/completion.
  • Display permit conditions and other pertinent folder information such as folder expiry date.
  • Tempest task validations and SQL functions are automatically triggered with task status changes.
  • Android: use built-in Google map to display the inspection location as well as your location
  • Android: works on any form factor - tablet, phone, note
  • Schedule - search by folder number or civic address to schedule/look up tasks in the field
  • Information printed onto the Notice can be customized
  • Complete Internet data transfer security features built into every transaction sent/received
  • Make/take phone calls at any time while using FieldPro
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest Prospero
  • No middle-ware involved. Data is transferred directly from Tempest to the handheld and back using secure web services
  • Works with either Oracle or SQL Server back-end databases
  • Requires a Zebra QL320, QL420 or RW420 Bluetooth printer to print Notices