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FieldTicket - the quickest way from zero to Online

Use your iOS or Android device (tablet or phone) to issue and print tickets.

FieldTicket makes handwriting tickets in the field a thing of the past!

Enter as little as a plate and a location, and FieldTicket takes care of the rest; automatically entering full ticket information in the Tempest Ticketing database, and returning you the next ticket number in line, Offence amount, and discount amounts/notes; all ready for instant printing to your Bluetooth printer.

Built-in electronic chalking feature will save you time and stop you from having to carry around clipboards with handwritten chalk notes.

Runs on:

Download FieldTicket and trial it for free for 10 days

  • FieldTicket licences: $1,995 (per Officer) Parking or LNA offences. Add $499 for both.
  • FieldTicket maintenance (yearly): 20% of licence fees
  • Full installation and setup services available.
  • Consulting on MTI "best practices" for FieldTicket available.

  • Complete mobile parking ticket issuance system integrated to Tempest Ticketing.
  • Issue tickets and print Notices - all done wirelessly.
  • Information is transferred to Tempest immediately. No re-keying of data.
  • All background setup is done in Tempest - FieldTicket uses your existing setup with virtually no changes required.
  • Tickets can be paid online (with Tempest eCommerce) immediately! No more waiting till a nightly batch upload is done.
  • Fully customizable ticket receipt design
  • Full pick list of your offence codes & descriptions available on the handheld
  • Default (top 10) or overrideable Make/Model, Colour and Location pick lists
  • Automatic alert notifications before issuance for multiple outstanding offenders (a.k.a. the Tow List) based on the plate entered. No additional data entry required. No more easy-to-lose, easy to get out-of-date Tow List reports!
  • Voiding/Reprinting tickets is fully supported
  • Full Bylaw/Section description print output to ticket
  • Warning/Reminder amounts and messages print output to ticket
  • Full set of server settings to control ticket input and output (for example, forcing all handhelds to use a particular ticket prefix and/or series)
  • eChalking - chalk vehicles without using chalk!
  • Make/take phone calls at any time while using FieldTicket
  • Designed exclusively for use with Tempest Ticketing
  • Issue both Parking (plate-based) AND Bylaw Offences (Location/Name/Address-based)
  • No middle-ware involved. Data is transferred directly from Tempest to the handheld and back using secure web services
  • Works with either Oracle or SQL Server back-end databases
  • Requires a Zebra Bluetooth printer to print Notices (see documentation)