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Prospero Task Auto-Rescheduler

Are you tired of manually adding Inspection followup tasks, and then having to manually figure out when they should be scheduled, and then manually rescheduling them? Have you lost track of the hundreds of permits that have gone radio silent, with no request for an inspection in months?

If so, then Mpowered's Task Auto-Rescheduler is for you. Get your permits back in order, and make them so they clone and schedule automatically for you when your Inspectors have finished with the current task. You can see just how effortless it is - in this demo video. As you can see in the video, once a bit of background configuration setup is done, all the cloning and scheduling happens automatically and all to your specifications!

You just decide which task(s) you want to have automatically reschedule themselves, apply the rescheduler task function - and it does the rest. Forever. No more permits that end up languishing because no followups were done.

For example, let's assume your permit has a task named FOLLOWUP. Normally, after manually combing through your permits regularly (or even using IntelliSearch if you have it) you find permits that need a followup. You add the FOLLOWUP task, and schedule it for the next week. All of this takes administrative time that you don't need to waste anymore. Now, with Mpowered's auto-rescheduler, you decide what your interval is for regular followups - let's say 2 months - and what your interval is when issues are found - let's say 1 week. Mpowered can customize these requirements into a rescheuling task function for you very quickly. Once you receive it, you apply the standard Prospero task clone function and your new Mpowered rescheduling task function to the FOLLOWUP task in whatever permit types you want, and you're set to go.

Now, instead of you manually having to find those permits that need a FOLLOWUP task, each permit takes care of itself. Once the FOLLOWUP task is finished (using Mpowered's FieldPro or Tempest's Mobile Dashboard or even directly within Prospero) a new FOLLOWUP task is cloned, and auto-rescheduled for 2 months later. If there is a reason to go back to the site sooner - another task status can be used to auto-reschedule for 1 week. And this will happen on all your permits that have this task. No more manual intervention - all of this just happens automatically as part of setting the task status and saving.

The one-time site-licence cost for each customized rescheduler is $2,500.00. Each also carries an annual maintenance fee of $500.00 (prorated first year).

If you have multiple requirements for rescheduling tasks, you can certainly have multiple auto-rescheduling functions customized for you. Call us at 604-897-7112 or email and get started today!