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Mobile/Wireless Issues - FAQ

The intended audience for this document are people with a technical background.

When a previously running Mpowered installation fails, this is due to a system problem. In general, system problems always happen because some sort of change was introduced; whether the change is configuration, database or environment; intentional or unintentional; major or minor. The long and short of this is that if nothing had changed, your system would still be running!

Your Mpowered specialist left you with a working system, and it continued to work for some time, and now it is not working. A typical trouble call goes, "My system was working perfectly yesterday, and now xyz is happening." This is always indicative that a change happened between yesterday and now. It is tracking down that change and rectifying the problem the change caused which can sometimes be difficult. A seemingly minor or even seemingly unrelated change can cause the system to fail.

In order to mitigate "urgent" trouble calls, it is highly recommended practice to first run any proposed changes to the live system through a test system and doing full end-to-end testing before committing those change to the live system. However, time crunches and other factors occasionally do not allow this recommended way of introducing change. By walking through the following checklist of questions and determining if any changes have happened, you can generally either rectify the problem, or reverse the change that caused the problem.

Some troubleshooting tips to try before calling...

  • Has your wireless service provider dropped service? Check their web site or call your rep.
Network Infastructure
  • Have you changed any firewall rules?
  • Have you changed any physical or virtual locations of database/web servers?
  • Have you changed the name of the web server or database server?
  • Have you made any changes to any database on the network that may interfere with the target database?
  • Have you made any software or hardware environment changes to the target database?
  • Is the target database running? Is the database listener (Oracle only) running?
  • Have you patched/upgraded the dbms software (i.e. SQL Server/Oracle)?
  • Have you patched/upgraded the target transactional database (i.e. Tempest)?
Web Server
  • Is the ColdFusion service running on the web server?
  • Can you ping the database server from the web server?
  • In ColdFusion Administrator, does the target Data Source verify?
  • Does the handheld return a valid xml document after a "Test ‘BASE URL’..." request from the Preferences screen? (Note that a "valid xml doc" does not neccessarily mean that the returned XML document does not have an error message)
  • Do you get a valid xml doc back when loading getauth.cfm from a Browser on your network?
  • Do you get a valid xml doc back when loading getauth.cfm from a Browser outside your network?